Healthy Eating at its Best
At Extreme Pita, we are in constant pursuit of pita perfection. We are committed to helping our guests and our Pita Pros eat healthy and live well. As foodies, we are always looking for fresh ideas to add to the menu. We are obsessed with ensuring every bite is as tasty as the last. That's why every pita is carefully sauced, tossed and wrapped. A great meal is about more than bringing happiness to your taste buds. Our restaurants are designed to be a friendly destination for friends and family to gather, eat and enjoy.
This is food you can feel good about. Simple, Honest, Authentic, and full of flavour.

More creativity on the menu
  • We are constantly innovating and experimenting with flavours, ingredients, and recipes.
  • We think inside and outside the pita, serving up everything from original, flat-baked and pressed pitas to Extreme entrées and salads that hit the spot.
  • We are inspired by the latest foodie trends, always bringing something fresh (and flavourful!) to the table.
More fresh flavours
  • Making pitas is something we take very seriously. We do everything we can to make every bite amazing. That’s why we mix all the ingredients together before we stuff it into the pita. It’s what makes us different from everyone else, everything is tossed and sauced to perfection.
  • Our ingredients are garden fresh, not garden variety. Take your pick from premium and unique ingredients like roasted red peppers, Kalamata olives, butternut squash, tabbouleh and many more.
  • We’re all about getting saucy. Find a wide variety of flavours you won’t find anywhere else. Enjoy our tender and juicy meats, marinated and prepared in house.

Be fast, be fresh, be fun, be full of flavour.

More to your taste
  • Whether you want to “Create Your Own” awesomeness or want to try one of our recipes, there’s something on the menu for everyone.
  • We offer the best of both worlds: healthy, delicious food to take out, or enjoy in store.
  • Our stores are friendly and bright destinations. With over 175 locations throughout North America (and growing!), you’ll find a location near you.
More healthy attitudes
  • Say hello to our Pita Pros. They really make a difference in your experience by providing friendly, knowledgeable service. Our Pita Pros know the ins and outs of making healthy and tasty food.
  • Ask our Pita Pros how we can take your meal to the next level. They’re experts at suggesting sauces and toppings.