Why is it so hard to find something healthy that doesn't compromise on taste? There's no shortage of options that are healthy and options that are mouthwatering, but most fail to bring these two worlds together. At Extreme Pita, we believe in serving food that’s good in EVERY way.Extreme Pita has been delighting guests with healthier great tasting pita sandwichessince 1997. Extreme Pita was the first restaurant to marry old world authentic pita bread with healthier, fresh, and unique flavours. Come experience pita perfection whether you love the classics or crave the adventures of something new.

Our Promise
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At Extreme Pita, we don’t believe you should have to choose between eating something good or eating something good FOR you. Whether you want to indulge or you’re looking for something nutritious, our menu will satisfy your craving.

Our Mantra
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Here’s to the Extreme Ones: the health conscious flavour fanatics committed to eating and living well, the freewheelers who aren’t afraid to indulge, and everyone in between. Whether it’s your waistline or your tastebuds you’re looking out for, our pitas, salads and flatbaked pitas are sure to hit the spot. Just like you; our food is fresh, fun and full of flavour. Whatever you’re craving, our food is always made fresh, made to order and made to keep you coming back for more.

Be fast, be fresh, be fun, be full of flavour.