Invest in Yourself

With any franchise business, the cost of a store will vary depending on many factors. The average investment of an Extreme Pita franchise will range between $263,000.00 to $369,000.00. To qualify, you will need approximately
$100,000 in encumbered cash or liquid assets, a net worth of $200,000.00 and a clear credit history.

The estimated ranges are based on the cost to build out a street front Extreme Pita Restaurant (without any offices, apartments or other uses above the restaurant facility) consisting of 1,000 to 1,500 square feet. Larger locations and Extreme Pita restaurants located in food courts or other non-traditional locations may be measurably more or less expensive based upon the facility design and other criteria imposed by the landlord and the location of your restaurant. These costs also assume the landlord provides a standard “Vanilla Shell” prior to the date leasehold improvements are started. The costs to complete leasehold improvements vary widely and may be significantly higher than projected in this table, depending on factors such as the city or town of proposed location, property location, population density, economic climate, prevailing interest rates and other financing costs, the conditions of the property, current building code requirements, current permit requirements, and the extent of alterations required for the property. You should investigate these costs for the area and specific property where you plan to establish an Extreme Pita restaurant. In some limited cases, these costs have added more than $25,000 to the cost of opening an Extreme Pita restaurant. Costs will also be higher if the landlord does not provide a Vanilla Shell finish. The estimates do not include exterior renovations to the Extreme Pita restaurant. Additional details on the cost to purchase an Extreme Pita franchise can be found in the Franchise Disclosure Document.