March 2015: Extreme Pita Launches New Menu!


The sandwich category has become a commodity among QSRs in Canada.

In order to stay “fresh” and competitive, brands need to regularly refresh themselves. Extreme Pita began with a new logo, new uniforms and new store design. It is now time for a fresh new menu experience.

The menu isn’t completely new, many of our guests’ favorites remain.  There are some improved recipes, items have been remSignaturePitaoved, and some new items have been added, like our BBQ Chicken and Bacon flatbaked pita, or the tasty Grilled Chicken and Goat Cheese signature pita. The design of the menu has also changed to improve the guest experience making it easier for them to understand our product in the “blink of an eye,” increase beverage and combo sales and improve speed of service.

Extreme Pita is looking forward to successful results following the launch of the new menu March 30th 2015.

March 2016: Extreme Pita,Lacombe participates in local 'Lunches to Learn' Program

A local school lunch program recently received a financial boost.

The Lunches to Learn program, developed by local business owner Marty Curtis, ensures that localstudents are fed throughout the school day.

The Lacombe Rotary Club provided a donation last week to continue on the worthwhile program.

Curtis said he started the program in 2011 after learning of a young student at the local junior highschool who was going through some tough circumstances at home and had no food to eat.

“As the owner of Subway in town, I had the teacher’s aide who was telling me about him stop in atSubway and get him a sandwich everyday until school was finished for the year,” said Curtis. “Fromthere the program grew as we inquired with the social workers at the various schools aroundLacombe as to how much of a problem this was.”

This year the program assists 20 students. Four local restaurants (Panago Pizza, Extreme Pita andEastside Eatery and Subway) have also come on board to make lunches for the students throughoutthe week.

“We also have 45 steady volunteers who each take their own day and deliver the lunches to the kidsevery week during the school year,” said Curtis.

At the start of the program, Curtis approached A Better World Canada about the project. Currentlythe volunteer organization provides administrative support.

With an average cost of $3.25 per lunch, around 1,060 handmade lunches had been delivered tostudents in need in Lacombe schools by the end of 2015.

“This would not be possible if it were not for clubs like the Rotary who have given $5,000 annually tothe program for the past two years and the Kinsmen who have given $3,000 annually to theprogram,” said Curtis.


Story by  Sarah Maetche - Lacombe Express, posted Mar 10, 2016

March 2016: Extreme Entrées launches in Canada

Extreme Pita | Vellore Village

March Break is wrapping up and after a week of hitting a lot of drive-thrus, we decided we needed a quick and healthy early dinner to fuel our busy Saturday of errands. I really could not look at one more nugget. It's Nutrition Month and I wanted some vegetables. The Extreme Pita in the Vellore Village shopping centre has the new Extreme Entrees which are more filling than a pita, super-nutritious and so, so tasty. Here's the Chimichurri Beef entree.extreme-pita-vellore-village-woodbridge-chimichurri-beef-extreme-entree

They prepare everything right in front of you and the toppings are amazingly fresh. I have a thing for black olives and I love that Extreme Pita has kalamata olives. Also their avocado is always the perfect ripeness. The ingredients really are on point. Here's the salad for my entree in progress.



Extreme Entrees are made fresh in front of your face and include sauteed veggies, a seven-grain rice blend, pita bread, salad and your protein. Here's the Mediterranean Shwarma Chicken.



Other options are chicken or beef fajita, chicken souvlaki and if you are vegetarian there is a Mediterrean Halloumi cheese entree. What's cool about Extreme Pita is that all their locations have a nutritional guide that gives you the specific info for each recipe. My dad is diabetic and finds this makes it very easy for him to eat here. Other eateries give you the info for each individual item, which makes it harder to figure out what you are actually eating without having to do lots of math.

The classic pitas are of course just as fresh and healthy; a catering order was being prepared for a party while we were dining. A great way to change it up from pizza.


Not only is the food tasty, nutritious and reasonably priced, the service at Extreme Pita Vellore Village is amazing. Taneer and Suchi are so lovely.

We dined in and it was such a nice break after an afternoon of running around. This location has big bright windows and was really comfortable. I couldn't finish my entree so Tanveer packed it up for me.

A great choice for a quick, healthy delicious dinner that is filling when you are on the go. Extreme Pita is located in the Vellore Village shopping centre at 3737 Major Mackenzie Dr. W. (Major Mac and Weston Road).


Story by Rosie Ferguson on March 20, 2016 1:06 PM


June 2016: (Press Release) Extremely Delicious! Extreme Pita’s Nutritious Choices on

San Diego, CA  (Restaurant News Release)  Extreme Pita, a Healthy Dining restaurant partner featured, is proud to offer Healthy Dining-approved pitas, salads and kids’ options. Coming soon: their new Extreme Entrées, considered a “more substantial alternative to the pita,” made fresh in-store and include sautéed vegetables, protein, a seven-grain rice blend and salad.

“The menu at Extreme Pita is bursting with fresh ingredients and global flavors,” said Mary Parsons, M.S., R.D., culinary dietitian at Healthy Dining. “Whether you’re in the mood for traditional Chicken Souvlaki, Thai Beef or a Chicken Fajita, you can choose from the full spectrum of lean proteins and fresh vegetables among their diverse selection of Healthy Dining and Kids LiveWell options.

“These healthy pitas are made to order, so you can add even more nutrition by customizing your order to load up on all of your favorite veggies!”

The restaurant has over 25 nutritious menu items featuring fresh and flavorful ingredients like zucchini, hummus, tomatoes, feta and fresh greens including spinach and romaine lettuce.

“It’s tough to find a fast casual restaurant whose food is both delicious and healthy,” said Mary Freda, Extreme Pita’s marketing manager. “At Extreme Pita, we bring both to the table by offering our guests a delicious new menu featuring healthier ingredients. Our menu is all about food that’s good in every way. Healthy Dining Finder helps us share that message.”

Here is a sample of Extreme Pita’s dietitian-recommended menu options featured

Salsa Verde Steak Extreme Entrée (available starting May 2016) – Salsa verde steak with red onions and roasted red pepper. Served with pita bread, seven-grain mix and a spinach and white bean salad with avocado, goat cheese and sunflower seeds tossed in white balsamic dressing. (660 calories, 75 grams carbohydrates, 37 grams protein)

Chicken Fajita Extreme Entrée (available starting May 2016)  – Fajita chicken with red onions, green bell pepper and roasted red pepper. Served with pita bread, sour cream, salsa, seven-grain mix and a romaine salad with corn & bean salsa and shredded cheese, tossed in white balsamic lemon basil dressing. (710 calories, 81 grams carbohydrates, 45 grams protein)

Chicken Caesar Pita – Chicken with bacon, Romaine lettuce, croutons, Parmesan and Caesar dressing. (590 calories, 61 grams carbohydrates, 36 grams protein)

Veggie Flatbaked Pita – Roasted red peppers, onions, zucchini, Kalamata olives, feta and pizza sauce. (420 calories, 56 grams carbohydrates, 16 grams protein)

For a complete list of participating restaurants nationwide,

About Healthy Dining

Extremely Delicious! Extreme Pita's Nutritious Choices on HealthyDiningFinder.comIt is Healthy Dining’s passion to contribute to a healthier America – in a delicious way! Healthy Dining’s signature web and mobile site,, is the only search engine and inspirational source of its kind providing personalized dining out recommendations validated by Healthy Dining’s team of registered enables millions of diet- and nutrition-conscious restaurant diners as well as those dealing with diabetes, high blood pressure, and other conditions to easily find Healthy Dining choices served at restaurants coast to also features a Kids LiveWell platform a program developed in partnership with the National Restaurant Association to help parents find restaurants offering healthier fare for children.

About Extreme Pita

Extreme Pita believes in serving food that’s good in every way. Extreme Pita has been delighting guests with healthier, great-tasting pita sandwiches since 1997. Extreme Pita was the first restaurant to marry old world authentic pita bread with healthier, fresh, and unique flavors. They invite guests to come to their restaurant to experience pita perfection.

Deborah Lawrence
Director of Public Relations

November 2016: Extreme Pita lunch party at Central School, SK


Written by Kathy Jennings

Jan 2017: Extreme Pita New Store Openings

Extreme Pita opens second location in Orillia, ON

Extreme Pita opened its second store in the Westridge Plaza, located at 3220 Monarch Drive in Orillia on Dec 9th, 2016. The store  will be run by franchise partners Gregg Hollingshead, Charmaine Boodram and Dan Stinson. The store hours are 10.30am to 9pm, 7 days a week. With the second store in this market, Extreme Pita looks forward to strengthening its presence in the region. Their Grand Opening event is scheduled for Feb 3rd and 4th 2017.

Extreme Pita opens first store in Whitehorse, Yukon

On Dec 20th  just in time for the holiday season, Extreme Pita was proud to open its first ever store in the Yukon Territory in Whitehorse. The store is a part of NVD Place (mall), but has street access. The brand is being “extremely” well received in this  community and the newest franchise partner, Shahid Ali, has been seeing great results in his first month open. The store is open from 11am to 9pm.

Spring 2017: New store openings

First Extreme Pita in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Now Open!

Our first Extreme Pita location in Riyadh, KSA held its Grand Opening event on the weekend of March 24th through March 26th 2017.  The first day was attended by several Influencers, who are prominent on social media.  They posted videos, images and commentary on Snapchat which created strong awareness with the local clientele and resulted in good guest traffic over Saturday and Sunday.  Their hours of operation will be Sat - Thu:  11:00 am –  2:00 am and Friday:  1:00 pm - 2:00 am



Extreme Pita opens in Stettler, Alberta

After a long construction period, Extreme Pita Stettler officially opened on Sunday March 26, 2017, with franchise partners, Amanda and Jaime.