rolled pitas

rolled pitas

Make any rolled pita into a salad!

Rolled Pita - Chicken and Goat Cheese

chicken & goat cheese  

340-550 Cals

lettuce, tomato, roasted zucchini, roasted red pepper, goat cheese, lemon basil balsamic, chicken

available in small, or regular

Rolled Pita - The Club

the club

340-530 Cals

lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mushroom, red onion, green pepper, mozza-cheddar, mayo, turkey, ham, bacon

available in small, or regular

Rolled Pita Sriracha Falafel

sriracha falafel (v)

430-680 Cals

lettuce, tomato, tabbouleh, cucumber, roasted red pepper, pickles, hummus, sriracha, mayo, falafel

available in small, or regular

Rolled Pita - Philly Cheese Steak

philly cheese steak

420-760 Cals

lettuce, green pepper, red onion, mozza-cheddar, mayo, philly steak

available in small, or regular

Rolled Pita - Chicken Souvlaki

chicken souvlaki

410-650 Cals

lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, olives, feta, tzatziki, greek feta dressing, chicken

available in small, or regular

Rolled Pita - Buffalo Chicken

buffalo chicken

330-570 Cals

lettuce, tomato, mushroom, red onion, mozza-cheddar, buffalo ranch, chicken

available in small or regular

Rolled Pita - Chicken Caesar

chicken caesar

350-520 Cals

lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese, caesar dressing, bacon, chicken

available in small, or regular

flatbaked pitas

flatbaked pitas

Flatbaked pitas are available at select locations.
Flatbaked Pita - Buffalo Chicken

buffalo chicken

570 Cals

buffalo ranch, red onion, mushroom, mozza-cheddar, chicken

Flatbaked Pita - Classic


470 Cals

pizza sauce, mushroom, mozza-cheddar, bacon, pepperoni

Flatbaked Pita - Hawaiian


470 Cals

pizza sauce, pineapple, mozza-cheddar, bacon, ham

pressed pitas

pressed pitas

Pressed pitas are available at select locations.
Pressed Pita Meat Lovers Deluxe

meat lovers

570 Cals

ham, pepperoni, bacon, mushroom, green pepper, red onion, mozza-cheddar, pizza sauce, jalapeño lime aioli

pressed pita - the cuban

the cuban

560 Cals

ham, bacon, pickles, pickled onion, mozza-cheddar, honey dijon, jalapeño lime aioli

grain bowls

grain bowls

Bowls are available at select locations and not available in Quebec.
Asian Sesame Salmon Grain Bowl

asian sesame salmon

540 Cals

quinoa, spring mix, pickled onion, roasted corn, broccoli, edamame, roasted zucchini, green cabbage, asian sesame dressing, hummus, sesame seeds, salmon

Southwest Chicken Grain Bowl

southwest chicken

640 Cals

quinoa, lettuce, tomato, black beans, pickled onion, roasted corn, roasted red pepper, green pepper, mozza-cheddar, hummus, chipotle aioli, harvest sunchips®, chicken

Grain Bowl Spice Veggie Burger Crumble

spicy veggie burger crumble (v)

600 Cals

quinoa, spinach, broccoli, roasted zucchini, pickled onion, hot pepper, mushroom, roasted red pepper, hummus, ranch, flax seeds, spicy veggie burger

create your own

create your own

Items in all below lists may vary by market

choose any base

Includes base + 1 cheese + unlimited toppings* and sauces


rolled pitas

flatbaked pitas


grain bowls

without protein

sml. 210-760 Cals

reg. 370-910 Cals

reg. 350-890 Cals

reg. 110-670 Cals

reg. 250-800 Cals

with protein

sml. 250-920 Cals

reg. 430-1150 Cals

reg. 410-1120 Cals

reg. 150-830 Cals

reg. 290-960 Cals


unlimited toppings

lettuce  5-10 Cals

spinach  5-10 Cals 

spring mix  5-10 Cals 

carrots  5-10 Cals

black beans  20-35 Cals 

broccoli  5-10 Cals

green cabbage 5-10 Cals 

chick peas  50-80 Cals


cucumbers  5-10 Cals

edamame 25-40 Cals 

green peppers  5-10 Cals

hot banana peppers 5-10 Cals 

jalapeños  5-10 Cals

olives  30-45 Cals

mushroom  2-5 Cals

pickled onion 5-10 Cals 


pickles  5-10 Cals

pineapple  10-15 Cals

red onion  5-10 Cals

roasted corn  20-35 Cals 

roasted red peppers  15-20 Cals

roasted zucchini  20-25 Cals

tabbouleh  20-40 Cals


additional toppings

The following toppings have an additional cost.

avocado  30 Cals


bacon  70 Cals 


cheddar + mozzarella  30-60 Cals

feta  25-50 Cals

goat  40-80 Cals 

parmesan 20-40 Cals

Extra cheese at additional cost. 20-40 Cals


asian sesame soy 60-90 Cals 

BBQ  35-50 Cals 
buffalo hot sauce  5-10 Cals
ranch  70-110 Cals
chipotle aioli  90-140 Cals
greek feta vinaigrette 80-120 Cals

honey dijon 100-150 Cals 

lemon basil balsamic 80-120 Cals 

mayo  60-90 Cals

shish taouk (garlic sauce)  70-90 Cals

sriracha  20-30 Cals

sweet chilli thai  50-70 Cals


pizza sauce  10-15 Cals

mustard  0 Cals

jalapeño lime aioli  90-190 Cals

balsamic  60-90 Cals

hummus  35-50 Cals

tzatziki  20-30 Cals


croutons  30 Cals

flax seeds  25 Cals

harvest cheddar sunchips  30 Cals 

sesame seeds 30 Cals


philly steak  sml. 160 Cals | reg. 240 Cals

  80 Cals

grilled chicken sml. 90 Cals | 130 Cals

chicken shawarma sml. 90 Cals | 130 Cals



chicken souvlaki sml. 120 Cals | 160 Cals

buffalo chicken sml. 80 Cals | 110 Cals

falafel sml. 150 Cals | 200 Cals

spicy veggie burger  150 Cals


salmon  80 Cals

ham sml. 50 Cals | 80 Cals

pepperoni sml. 45 Cals | 60 Cals





kids menu available at select locations

Adults and youth (ages 13 and older) need an average of 2,000 calories a day, and children (age 4 to 12) need and average of 1,500 calories a day. However, individuals needs vary.

catering *

catering *

 *Catering menu is not available in Quebec

Catering Made to Order

Office Lunch, Holiday Party, Game Day? Making your Event Delicious

At least 24 hours notice is preferred for catering orders. We handcraft our pitas
daily and the advance notice allows us to accommodate your order. Delivery is
available at participating locations and charges may apply.


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